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    NHIMEX, was founded in 2015. We are specializing in the researching and developing, produce and sales of the mini fuel dispenser, mobile filling station, pressure sensors, pressure transmit- ters, pressure switches, level switches, flow meters, flow switches, temperature sensors ,indicators and relative instruments. NHIMEX products are mainly used in industries of petroleum, chemical, metallur- gy, electric, hydrology and so on. And we have nhimex.net web apps for filling station managment. Our products are the primary OEM choices for customers who require consistent quality, high performance and long-life. We have established long stable relationships with clients ,so that we can always improve our products and meet the demands of many customers. We anticipate intensive cooperation with yourself or yourcompany to our mutual benefit, and hereby offer professional products, active and efficient sup- port, and worry-free after-sales service

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